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Quando Eu Era Vivo

Quando Eu Era Vivo Soap2Day

After losing his job and the end of his marriage, Júnior returns to his father’s house. But that is not his childhood house anymore. His old room has been rented by a young woman and the place feels unwelcome and oppressive. Júnior develops and obsession for his family history, as strange things start happening in the house.

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Views: 139

Genre: Drama, Horror, Musical, Thriller


Actors: , , , , , , , , , ,


Company: ,

Awards: 14 nominations

Budget: $1,500,000

Worldwide Gross: $32,857

Duration: 01:48 1h 48min


Release Date: 2014-01-31

IMDb: 6.2

77410 1

TMDB: 5.6

Quando Eu Era Vivo