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In gefährlicher Nähe

In gefährlicher Nähe Soap2Day

Lawyer Lea Jung has won a much-noticed process. Her client Nick Storm, accused of rape, was acquitted because Lena was able to prove the alleged victim Yvonne Schubert was not credible. After the trial, Nick begins courting Lea. She has reservations but is interested at the same time. Nick is a very attractive man. But Yvonne Schubert is also looking to be close to the lawyer. She desperately insists that she was right, accuses Lena of having ruined her life and urgently warns her not to make the same mistake she made: falling for Nick.

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Duration: 01:29 1h 29min


Release Date: 2014-01-08

IMDb: 5.5

7110 1

TMDB: 6.6

FilmAffinity: 3.1

In gefährlicher Nähe