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Feng Yun Jue

Feng Yun Jue Soap2Day

The film is a spinoff of the original story and the two protagonists Wind and Cloud. The residents of Sword-Worshipping Manor, which houses the best sword-smiths in the world, are brutally massacred after they are alleged to be plotting a rebellion against the government. The young master of the manor, Ngou Kuet, is the only survivor. Ngou Kuet vows to finish forging the ”Kuet” Sword, a task passed down by generations of his family which has yet to be completed. Ngou Kuet attacks Tin Ha Wui and battles with Wind and Cloud to obtain the blood of the Fire Kirin which can unleash the power of the sword. As the blood of the Fire Kirin runs in Wind’s veins, he becomes Ngou Kuet’s primary target.

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Views: 342

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation


Actors: , ,


Company: , ,

Worldwide Gross: $4,593,502

Duration: 01:38 1h 38min


Release Date: 2008-07-19

IMDb: 5.7

25610 1

TMDB: 5.0

Feng Yun Jue