Vincent Garenq

In Her Name In Her Name 7.1 1h 27min
In Her Name
IMDb: 7.1
1h 27min

In 1982, André Bamberski learns about the death of his 14 year-old daughter, Kalinka, while she was on vacation with her mother and stepfather in Germany. Convinced that Kalinka’s death…

L’enquête L’enquête 6.6 1h 46min
IMDb: 6.6
1h 46min

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Guilty Guilty 7.3 1h 42min
IMDb: 7.3
1h 42min

Investigates the corrupt judicial system under which Alain Mar’caux and his wife Edith were arrested on accusations of pedophilia horrific acts they never committed- and the years he spent fighting…